About Us

Dr. Hanna is the Manager of the Better Living Health Center located on Balfour and Palm Beach Streets, an institution that is a pioneer in wellness coordination and consultation in the Bahamas. Its mission is to help people improve and maintain their health and quality of life. The center provides professional services such as: employee wellness programs and seminars; diet counseling and wellness plans for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, weight management, cancer prevention and other dietary concerns. The center also houses a health food store and deli and serves a wide variety of vegetarian dishes and a salad bar five days a week. The center sponsors the popular 8 Weeks to Wellness Community Action Program.

Our Mission Statement

To provide quality service in an environment that empowers and motivates people toward total wellness, which includes the physical, mental and spiritual¸ that will sustain them in this life and in the life to come.

Our Vision Statement

To make Better Living Health Center a leader in health promotion: Providing lifestyle prescriptions, tools, nutritious foods, and a loving supportive environment that empowers people to health behavior change.