Tuesday's Menu Options

Vegetarian Stew

A Vegetarian Stew with with potatoes, carrots, onion, celery, sweet pepper, coconut milk, tomato sauce, herbs and seasonings, and chunky Vegetable Steake.  Served over peas and rice, mashed potato or peas and grits along with two sides.  Small order served with stew and starch only for $7.50.

Vege - Meat Loaf

Veggie Meat Loaf made from Garbanzos, Black Beans, or granulated soy protein; prepared with rice, onion, celery sweet pepper, coconut milk, herbs and seasonings.  Small order served with starch and entree only for $7.50


Chick-Pea-a-la King is made from garbanzo beans in a cashew cream sauce with onion, celery sweet pepper, chunks of Vegetarian Big Franks with herbs and spices. This entree is served over brown rice, mash potato or peas and grits along with two sides. Small order with starch and entree only is $7.50.

Vege Croquette

Vegetarian Croquettes are vegetarian meat analogue produced by Cedar lake.  It has egg white so it is not vegan.  It is served with our delicious cashew gravy. that is prepared in a tomato sauce with onions green pepper and celery.  It is served with rice, mashed potatoe, or any starch.  It is also served with two vegetable sides.  Small order comes with starch and entree only for $7.50. 

Macaroni & Vege-Cheese

A delicious macaroni and cheese dish made without dairy cheese.  Our cheese is made from cashews and other seeds, herbs and seasonings.  The end result is a cheese like sauce that looks and taste like cheese.  This is then combined  with our regular elbow pasta along with green pepper, onion and celery to provide a typical tasty mac & cheese dish.

Peas & Grits

Yellow grits cooked with peas, coconut milk, tomatoes,and onion along with other herbs and seasonings. Grits is a starch option that is authentically Bahamian.

Okra Soup

Our okra soup has Irish potatoes, carrots, black eyed peas,tomatoes, sweet potato coconut milk, onion, okra, vegetable protein (soy chunks) and other herbs and seasonings.

Garbanzo Wrap

This wonderful wrap is made from garbanzo beans or chick peas. It is mashed and mixed with green pepper, celery, onions, purple cabbage, carrots, lemon juice, garlic, salt and vegenasise (soy mayonnaise).  It is finally spread on a whole wheat wrap and cut in four pieces and served with a bed of tossed salad.

Vegetarian Fish Fillet

Vegetarian Fish Fillet is a delicious meat analogue produced by Cedar Lake. It is marinaded in lemon juice and cayanne pepper, baked and served with our special cashew gravy. It is also served with rice, mashed potato or peas and grits along with two vegetable side orders. It is just simply delicious! It's the house favorite for Tuesday.