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The Six Defeating Habits Of Overweight PeopleBack to Articles

Last week we reviewed the pitfalls of the many quick fix diets. This week we’ll see in detail why so many people fail in their ongoing struggle to battle the bulge. The following are the six defeating habits of overweight people.

Skipping Breakfast:
People who skip breakfast usually make up for it later. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s the time we break the longest fast we’ve had during the 24 hour cycle. The only reason we are not eating is because we are sleeping. When we rise in the morning our metabolism is at its highest. It’s the best time for the biggest meal of the day. Unfortunately, many are not hungry because the large amount of food from the night before is still sitting in the stomach.

Eating Between Meals:

Eating between meals will sink any dieter’s program. We simply are unaware of the calories we pick up from snacks. Snack are usually high fat items. This habit allows you to eat continually all day long little bits at a time. The body does not need snacks unless the person is suffering from diabetes or has lost their appetite and is not eating much. Snacking is an automated behavior problem
that needs to be controlled with a behavior change. Simply decide not to put anything in your mouth between meals, not even a peanut! Drink water instead. Allow at least 4 ½ -5 hours between meals. Only animals are allowed to graze all day.

Eating Late at Night:
Eating late at night is the dieter’s greatest nightmare, for this is when people gain most of their weight. In the evening our metabolism is at its lowest preparing for rest and this is the time when most people fill up their tank. Our stressful lifestyle seem to drive us in this direction. We seem to have absolutely no other time to enjoy our meal. However, If we plan to win the battle with the bulge we need to make some sensible adjustments. If we eat a good breakfast and lunch, it will be easier to eat a light supper or even skip this meal. However, If we skip or skimp breakfast and lunch, we set our selves up for eating anything and everything in sight during the evening.

Drinking Calories:

Many people don’t realize the amount of calories they consume each day from drinks alone. A 12 ounce can of soda has up to 220 calories, while a 12 ounce can of juice has 180 calories. If you consume the equivalent of five 12 ounce cans of drink each day, you are consuming over 1000 extra calories. Some weight management programs put their clients on 1400 calories per day. 1000 calories from drinks leave little space for real food. Be sensible. Drink water. It has no calories and quenches the thirst better than any sweet liquid I know.

Eating Out at Fast Food Eateries:
If You are trying to lose weight you may want to consider taking a home packed lunch. Food bought at popular fast food eateries are usually loaded in calories and there is a wide spread of extremely tempting dishes. Although fat taste good, high fat foods are not the type of foods a dieter should be filling up on. Pack some of the delicious food you cooked for your family the night before. This way you can enjoy that meal too, only at a different time. This allows you to control the amount of fat calories you intake and it’s cheaper too.

Exercise is extremely important:
Exercise is not an option for weight management, it’s a must! If you want to lose weight you must commit to exercising for at least 30 minutes at least 5 times per week. Exercising for one hour, but only 3 times per week still won’t work. It has to be at least 5 times per week.

A healthy lifestyle that focuses on sensible eating habits in combination with proper exercise is God given and is the only way to sensibly lose weight. If you need help with weight management see your dietitian today!

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